It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the author-editor pair announcement!

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KURAJ AND THE SONS OF ANASI - Ashyle N Horton - @zeta_noelle

MG Fantasy

Editor: Hannah VanVels Ausbury

When a trickster god kidnaps their little sister, two young boys must find the trickster spider’s missing stories before their sister becomes food in his web.

MUTE - R.R. Gavris - @rachelgavris

Adult Fantasy

Editor: Elizabeth Buege

A mute faery must forge an alliance with a healer from a neutral nation to save himself and protect others from his cruel ex-master.

BALLADS CAGED IN BONE - Juliana Koen Alonso - @ConduitOfMagic

Adult Fantasy

Editor: Jeni Chappelle

Latine GIDEON x NIGHT CIRCUS Mo has kept her brujería secret from those who would use her power, but when her twin brother disappears into a casino that trades in memories, she must risk her secret--and her freedom--to save him.

THE BOUNDSTONE GIRL - Laura Magno - @LauraMBell1

YA Science Fiction/Speculative

Editor: Miranda Darrow

Sixteen-year-old Amber attempts to bend time and space to prevent her parents’ murder – but what if it means sacrificing her only friends and first love?

JUST PRETEND YOU'LL BE MY JAAN - Naina Kumar - @nkumarwrites

Adult Romance

Editor: Natasha Hanova

To survive being the “best man” at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, an aspiring playwright enters a fake engagement with the hot, no-nonsense grump her parents want her to marry.

THE HALF-MAD HORTICULTURIST - Tamkeen Jabari - @nosrepmodnar

Adult Fantasy Comedy

Editor: Carly Hayward

When homicidal minions kidnap a princess/child bride, a young horticulturist inserts herself into an Epic QuestTM to rescue her before the minions #CancelHappilyEverAfter.

ANY WAY I CAN GET YOU - Anya Simha - @Anyasimha

Adult Romance

Editor: Bethany Hensel

An emotionally-repressed, headstrong young woman seeks her smothering, judgemental family’s approval of her boyfriend but concocts a scheme based on her favorite Bollywood movie rather than confront her trauma.

NASH HOUSE - Joanna Volavka - @joannavolavka

Adult Southern Gothic

Editor: Felice Laverne

When creeping shadows in the family farmhouse take solid form, Roberta Jo calls a local demonologist for help. It turns out he's a fake, but the family demons are all too real.

THE RIVER TOWN - H Blanchard - @arosyks

YA Speculative

Editor: Megan Manzano

Upon moving to a small town, Callan decides to help his grieving housemate Hugo solve a string of drowning mysteries, all while hiding his real connection to the water.

THE COLORS OF CHAOS - Tania K. Joly - @TKJoly

YA Fantasy

Editor: Kyra Nelson

Seventeen-year-old witch Velicia has a plan: finish her hex-cleaning internship, become a special agent and avoid atomizing anyone with her uncontainable magic. Easy. If only a zealot wasn’t making her the symbol of his revolution by turning her into a bomb.

PRETTY AS FIRE AND JUST AS DANGEROUS - Crystal Smalls-Wright - @CSmallsWright

YA Contemporary

Editor: Leah Pierre

Devil’s Up began as a game but led to arson. Fires baffle the town & truth or dare becomes truth or scare, as a group of teens get tangled in a web of lies & revenge to defeat their nemesis. Some will prevail. Some will die.

FANTASY LEAGUE - Maggie North - @MNorthAuthor

Adult Romance

Editor: Megan Records

A frustrated introvert and a closed-off extrovert try to save their marriage with a bonkers self-help manual based on romcoms and improv comedy, discovering that intimacy is less about the "for better" parts of themselves than the "for worse."

FOR HIRE - Amanda Ciancarelli - @a_ciancarelli

Adult Romance

Editor: Heidi Shoham

When Reagan realizes she's going to have to be the maid of honor at her sister and ex's wedding, she gets drunk and hires a stranger off the internet to be her boyfriend for the wedding events and just may end up with her very own happily ever after.

THE DOUBLE WALKER - Jessie Moore - @jesjul7

MG Horror

Editor: Maria Tureaud

Manifesting her own doppelganger so her ill mother has 24/7 care, Noa doesn't realize her mirror image expects Noa's life as payment...until it's too late.

BENEATH THE WAVES, DEATH SPEAKS - Em Dietrich - @EmDietrichWrite

YA Horror

Editor: Rowan Zeoli

A grumpy lesbian oracle drags her crush on a date to piano auditions and haunted cornfields, all while striking deals with a cinnamon roll demon to prevent reality's collapse and accept her past’s unforgivable mistakes.


Hannah VanVels Ausbury's pick:

KALINA AND THE FERN FLOWER by Cecile Ferro - @KinBeauty

MG Fantasy

Elizabeth Buege's pick:

RAINDROPS FALLING UPWARD by Jodi Herlick - @JodiHerlick

YA Contemporary Fantasy

Jeni Chappelle's pick:

ZOMBIE IN THE BRAIN by Bianca Malcolm - @BiWitchDr_

YA Horror

Miranda Darrow's pick:

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE by Tanisha Mathis - @xoxotanishaxoxo

Adult Women's Fiction

Natasha Hanova's pick:

MONSTER MADE by Lindsey Martin - @ByLindseyMartin

YA Spec Thriller

Carly Hayward's pick

THE CHOKER AND THE CINCHER by Kavga Bjelodana - @bjelodana

Adult Fantasy Romance

Bethany Hensel's pick:

THE CLOCK'S TICKING by Devyani Rana / Dev R. - @devyani_rana

YA Contemporary

Felice Laverne's pick:

ALMOST PERFECT by Lindsey Danis - @lindseydanis

Adult Contemporary Women's Fiction

Megan Manzano's pick:

THE SPACES BETWEEN by Monica Chin - @mcsquared96

YA Contemporary

Kyra Nelson's pick:

SPOOK CUTE by Dana Nuenighoff - @dananuens

YA Contemporary

Leah Pierre's pick:

MURDER IS TEMPORARY by N.C. McKay - @NC_Kay_author

Adult Mystery/Thriller

Megan Records's pick:

TEA, LYCANTHROPY, AND OTHER VIRTUES by Jessie Heninger - @HeningerJessie

Adult Romance

Heidi Shoham's pick:

SECOND CHANCE HEXES by Sonia Ayoub - @TheSoniaAyoub

Adult Romance

Maria Tureaud's pick:

MOURNING HOUSE by Dyan Fox - @dyanfoxwrites

Adult Horror

Rowan Zeoli's pick:

OF SEA SALT AND CINDERS by Ceilidh Newbury - @ceilidh_newbury

YA Fantasy

The #RevPit Editors want to give a big round of applause for our First Readers who helped us sort our submissions this year now that we've eliminated our submission caps for Editors. They are an amazing group of writers and we appreciate all of their help:

Aimee Lauren, Alex Gotay, Alice Chao, Ann B. Laguerre, Ann Zhao, Anna Kopp, Aoife Doyle, Ari Augustine, Ashley McAnelly, Beck Erixson, Brianna Kienitz, Brooke Blair, Caitlin Highland, Carey Blankenship-Kramer, Caron McKinlay, Clarissa Harwood, Dana Draper, Dani Frank, Debbie Schrack, Esme Symes-Smith, Evalyn Broderick, Haley Hwang, Ismael Manzano, Jared Wynn, Jax McQueen, Jennifer Ruddock, Jessica Calla, Josie Smith, Justine Manzano, K. J. Harrowick, Keely Parrack, Kelsey Simon, Kiley Orchard, Kristina Mahr, Lauren Voeltz, Lexi Nolletti, Liv Macy, Loretta Chefchaouni, Madelyn Knecht, Maggie Derrick, Maria Alcantara, Megan Van Dyke, Natasha Khan, Nisha Tuli, Paulette Kennedy, Priscilla Alaya, Rachel Berros, R. Miotto E., Ren Hutchings, Risa Edwards, Rose Regeant, S. Kaeth, S.M. Roffey, Sarah Simon, Sarah T. Dubb, Selma Soren, Sophia Mortensen, T. James Belich, Thuy Nguyen, and Victoria Wlosok

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