It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the author-editor pair announcement!

Drum roll please…


THE REVIVED GIRLS' GUIDE TO BATTLING GHOSTS - Carey Blankenship - @careyfblankensh

MG Horror

Editor: Adah Beatrice @theadahbeatrice

Saving trapped ghosts isn’t Rilee’s idea of fun. She’d rather not die. Again. Unfortunately, her new BFF disagrees. The Revived Girls are on the case.

ALL THE CARDS ARE PLAYED - Lexi Nolletti - @lnolletti

YA Fantasy

Editor: Carly -Bornstein-Hayward @fromcarly

Three powerful queens want 17yo Jansen—one wants answers, one to hang his corpse in her capital, & the third to leverage his newfound magic against her land’s demonic, never-ending night.

THE RECIPE EFFECT by Nina Fortmeyer - @NFortmeyer

Adult Magic Realism

Editor: Elizabeth Buege @ekbuege

Aspiring chef Stella hates conflict almost as much as she hates the sous-chef bullying her. When she starts hearing recipes instead of people yelling, it seems like the perfect gift—until it spirals out of control, leaving her no option but to face her conflict head-on.

A STUDY IN STORM AND SHADOW by Lora Orme - @pen2published

YA Science Fantasy

Editor: Jeni Chappelle @jenichappelle

A corset won't stop 16yo Mina from investigating her father's murder, tackling a thief off a roof, or learning to wield deadly electrical science magic.

THE HOUSE ON THE CUL-DE-SAC by Nishita Parekh - @NishitaParekh22

Adult Mystery/Suspense

Editor: Miranda Darrow @Miranda_Darrow

During a hurricane, strangers gather at Seema and Vipul’s house, which loses power and all connection with the world outside. And then the murders start.

THE LADY'S GUIDE TO CONQUERING THE UNIVERSE by Selma Soren Tibermont - @selma_soren

YA Contemporary

Editor: Tiffany Grimes @theqtiffany

When she realizes the elite ranks of Ivy League society are not so receptive to biracial girls from the ‘burbs, Harvard freshman Cara co-founds a club dedicated to getting back at Greek life.

I’M THE BAD GUY by Aimee Lauren - @AimeeLaurenA

YA Sci-Fi

Editor: Natasha Hanova @NatashaHanova

A sassy villain struggles with handing over her flirty, badass competition to be tortured.

EMMA GRANT AND THE CAPITOL CAT by Shelley Walden - @shelley_creates

MG Contemporary

Editor: Bethany Hensel @bethanyhensel13

Emma Grant is on the case to find her missing senator father. There's clues, a cute boy, and the Demon Cat of Capitol Hill.

WILL THEY KNOW US THERE by Amber Wheeler Bacon - @WheelerBacon

Adult Upmarket

Editor: Felice Laverne @bookgurufelice

Daughter of a recently deceased sex worker pieces together her mother's past in a Georgia small town to find the identity of birth father.

NEMESISTER by Ann B. Laguerre - @le_anntagonist

YA Contemporary

Editor: Katie McCoach @katiemccoach

When Laurette discovers her dad is dating her rival's mom, she must decide whose happiness she values most: hers or her dad's.

EASTMOUR ABBEY by Priscilla Aceves - @priscillawriter

YA Contemporary

Editor: Kyra Nelson @kyramnelson

Spending a summer competing in a Victorian literature competition and staying at a historic English estate is a dream for socially anxious bookworm Luna, but with a major scholarship on the line, her fellow competitors are willing to do whatever it takes to win.

THE WORK FRIEND by Sarah Simon - @sarahhara

Adult Psychological Suspense

Editor: Leah Pierre @leahbene

30yo Mona gets more than she signed up for when her friend's husband–the same friend she's been impersonating on dating apps–ends up dead and they are both implicated in his murder.

LOVE BITES by Dani Frank - @Dani_is_Frank

NA Paranormal Romance

Editor: Michelle Rascon @editorrascon

Esther begins a whirlwind romance with vampire Ashley—fake dating, one bed, and a vampire cure that will either bring them closer together or tear them apart.

THE POTENT SOLUTION by Ashley Spindler - @DrAshleyNova

Adult Historical Fantasy

Editor: Megan Records @meganrecords

To find her missing mentor, an apprentice alchemist must confront a powerful secret society, a terrifying conspiracy, and her own ADHD.


Adult Contemporary Romance

Editor: Heidi Shoham @heidishoham

When a young widow kisses a gorgeous stranger in need of rescuing, her oh-so-good deed gets complicated when Mr Kissable turns out to be her new boss.

ICOBAR by Aoife Doyle - @1adoyle

MG Fantasy

Editor: Maria Tureaud @Maria_Tureaud

To save her sister-turned-wolfhound, Finta must use her musical magic and face a dark force in the forest before she loses her family forever.

RIRI AND THE GODDESS OF LOST THINGS by Benjamin Orion - @orion_benjamin

MG Fantasy

Editor: Hannah VanVels @hannahvanvels

To find the Philippines' missing moon, stars, and daylight, Riri must do three things: book a flight back to the motherland, make Gram drink her dementia meds, and pray she'll remember how to be a goddess.

FINDING DESIDERATA by Kiley Orchard - @KileyOrchard

MG Contemporary

Editor: Jay Whistler @JayWhistler

After discovering the mythical island of lost things, 11yo Rae must choose between finding the dog she lost or a secret message from her dead grandfather.

AN UNCANNY WIRING by Baylee Anne Shlichtman - @paradonic89

YA Speculative Fiction

Editor: Rowan Zeoli @RowanZeoli

When android Everest Perdita's friend is framed for murder, she’ll have to defy her design to learn the killer's true identity before they strike again.


Adah Beatrice's pick

SPARROW & CROW by Kahlan Strop - @AuthorStrop

YA Fantasy/Romance

Carly Bornstein-Hayward's pick

THE GIRL IN THE COFFIN by Vishaka Sriram - @VishakaSriram

YA Fantasy

Elizabeth Buege's pick:

THE RISHTA by Narjis Zahra - @narjiszahraa

Adult Contemporary

Jeni Chappelle's pick:


MG Fantasy

Miranda Darrow's pick:

VIVIANA GETS HER LIFE ON TRACK by Elizabeth Barrera - @someruntolove

YA Contemporary

Tiffany Grimes's pick:

WE'RE DONE PLAYING GAMES by Leila Holley - @Leila_Holley

YA Contemporary

Natasha Hanova's pick:

POOR DEADSIDE MANNER by Michelle Tang - @a_girl_Michelle

Adult Paranormal Fantasy

Bethany Hensel's pick:

BEA MULLENS TAKE A SHOT by Emily Deibert - @emilydeibert

MG Contemporary

Felice Laverne's pick:

THE WINTER INSIDE by Greer Ohlsson - @theendisgreer

Adult Upmarket

Katie McCoach's pick:


Women's Fiction

Kyra Nelson's pick:


YA Contemporary

Leah Pierre's pick:

THE LOVERS by Taylor Munsell - @taylormunsell22

Adult Historical Fantasy

Michelle Rascon's pick:

MAGIC IN THE AIR by Adrianna Schuh - @author_aschuh

Adult Contemporary Romance

Megan Records's pick:

WITCHES VS DOGS by Tina Petrick - @andronicusrex1

MG Contemporary Fantasy

Heidi Shoham's pick:

THE MARKS WE BEAR by Brooke Archer - @abrookeworm

YA Dystopia/Sci Fi

Maria Tureaud's pick:

MOLN by Malou Jandermark - @JandermarkM

YA Sci-Fi

Hannah VanVels's pick:

THE FASTING WARS by Natasha Kahn - @NatashaMKhan

MG Contemporary

Jay Whistler's pick:

MARIPOSA FALL by Jennifer Ruddock - @RuFauxRiz

YA Horror

Rowan Zeoli's pick:

BLOODWRITTEN by Afshaan Purvez - @theantiheroine_

YA Fantasy

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