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WREN AND THE SCARECROW - Nicole Loos Miller - @NLoosMiller

MG Fantasy

Editor: Hannah VanVels Ausbury

When a lonely, grief-stricken girl accidentally wakes the village scarecrow, his friendship turns to jealousy and takes on a life of its own. She must find a way to stop him before he destroys the only family she has left.

NO ONE SPECIAL - Elizabeth Soule - @SouleStories

YA Romance

Editor: Joel Brigham

Goofy theater geek Jorie loves playing small comedic parts, but when her boyfriend Travis glows up and dumps her, she must land the lead role at theater camp to prove she’s his equal and win back his heart.

LONELY MONSTERS - Megan Ye - @mye_87

Adult Urban Fantasy

Editor: Jeni Chappelle

A journalist discovers he’s the reincarnation of an emperor who sold his soul to a demon, and he and his estranged childhood friend must stop shadowy forces from ripping apart his soul and freeing the demon.

THE COUNTERCLOCK SPY - Maya Darjani - @DarjaniMaya

Adult Mystery/Thriller

Editor: Miranda Darrow

A novel told in reverse follows a CIA agent who helps the FBI identify a mole while she avoids giving away her own treason in the process.

THE SEVEN SINS OF WILLOW WHITE - Charlotte Ingham - @CharlotteYA_

Adult Fantasy

Editor: Natasha Hanova

A girl must work with the devil to escape a hell dimension on the brink of collapse—but when she develops feelings for him, she’ll soon have to choose between the life she left behind, or saving the place that’s starting to feel like home.

THE BOOKSHOP ON CARNIVAL ROW - Chloe Johnson - @wordsbychloe

Adult Fantasy

Editor: Carly Hayward

In an inescapable bookshop where words make wishes the truth, an ill journo and a depressed art thief might get everything they want--but it may come at the cost of losing their loved ones.

THE LONELY HEARTS SUPPER CLUB - Sarah Hilligoss - @sbhilligoss

Adult Romance

Editor: Bethany Hensel

A Midwestern B&B owner and a stuck-up New York food critic clash over what good food really is, road-tripping through through the country's Heartland, ignoring their own sizzling chemistry.

BETH DEATH - Amanda Poll - @AmandaCPoll

YA Mystery

Editor: Katie McCoach

16yo goth loner Beth gets the shock of her life when the dead girl in her stepdad’s morgue speaks to her and begs Beth to investigate the circumstances of her death. But Beth isn’t so sure she wants to help the bully who nicknamed her Beth Death. Until Beth learns the dead girl’s sister—who Beth outwardly hates but secretly has a crush on—might be next.

LOGIN TO MY HEART - Melody Thio - @MelodyThio

YA Romance

Editor: Kyra Nelson

To restore her online guild to its former glory, the game’s top healer recruits the number one assassin by marrying him in-game, only to discover he is her childhood friend turned rival.

A TOUCH LIKE STARLIGHT - Jonathan Seales - @JLSeales

YA Romance

Editor: Leah Pierre

There are 3 things 17yo Grey knows for sure. One, starting the summer with a hookup was a bad idea. Two, said hookup is now his partner in his summer college credit program. And three, their promise to keep it platonic is killing him.

WHAT WE CAN'T SEE - Misa Dessalines - @MelissaGriswol7

Adult Book Club/Women's Fiction

Editor: Michelle Rascon

When a pre-med freshman is led to believe her illness exists only in her mind, she must learn to follow her instincts and advocate for herself, or she'll become a casualty of the health system she longs to operate in.

THE BAKERS OF THE FLOATING MOUNTAIN - Anja Hendrikse Liu - Instagram: @to.anja

YA Fantasy

Editor: Megan Records

A bureaucrat-turned-trickster infiltrates a magical baking competition, but when the contest’s stakes rise from perfect bakes to life and death, she must team up with the baker whose place she stole — to learn to bake, and to save both their lives.

YOU'RE DEAD TO ME - Gwenyth Reitz - @GwenythReitz

YA Fantasy

Editor: Caroline M. Tell

Two teen academic rivals, who die at their graduation party and are forced to haunt the same house, must team up to prevent their killer from striking again, and fall for each other along the way.

BLÓT: HEART EATER - Kimberly Lynn Hanson - @klynnhanson

Adult Dark Fantasy

Editor: Maria Tureaud

Bordering a village in the darkest part of the woods, The Skratti, an ancient, heart-eating evil born from shadow is forced to confront her lost humanity in the name of Revenge.


Hannah VanVels Ausbury's picks:

MOMO AND THE DANGOS by Robert Fortune - @booktubegoddess - MG Fantasy

THE LIFE-SIZE STRUGGLES OF REX ST. JAMES by Kristy Crabtree - @kristycrabtree - Young Adult Mystery

Joel Brigham's picks:

A GARDEN LOST by S.D. Upchurch - MG Dystopian

THE RIVER TO AUTUMN'S END by D.P. Douglas - @writerdpdouglas - Adult Fantasy

Jeni Chappelle's picks:

THE LOOP by Eric Jamaal - @glassgalaxi - Adult Cyberpunk

WHAT IS REMEMBERED by Mina Bansal - @minabansal - Adult Fantasy

Miranda Darrow's picks:

A RAVEN TAKES FLIGHT by Aaliyah Andrews-Jackson - @aaliyahdwrites - Adult Historical

MICRO-KILLERS by David "Ray" Ukuame - @raywrites_books - YA Science Fiction/Dystopian

Natasha Hanova's picks:

LOULOU GREEN IS LYING by Emmanuella Afrane - @ellewritestoo - YA Contemporary/General Fiction

EXPOSURE THERAPY by Tessa Harvey - @tessa_harvey - Adult Romance

Carly Hayward's picks:

THE KING OF ALL BIRDS by Jameson Rivera - @rivera_jameson - Adult Fantasy

EVERYTHING BAD HAPPENS TO CAMERON ALL THE TIME by Greer Stothers - @GreerStothers - Adult Fantasy

Bethany Hensel's picks:

CHANGE OF ART by S.M. Levine - @sm_levine - Contemporary Romance

ONE LAST SUMMER by Azra Samji - Romance Women's Fiction

Katie McCoach's picks:

FIRST LOVES ARE DOOMED by Kelly Lee - @Housekatdiaries - YA Contemporary

THE DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN by Melissa Mazzone - @mel_mazzone - YA Mystery

Kyra Nelson's picks:

AND I PROMISE by Selena Thor - @selenaathor - YA Fantasy

LIGHT BETWEEN THE LINES by Sarah El Sioufi - @Sarah_EL_S - YA Contemporary

CHARIOT OF WISHES by Vishaka Sriram - @VishakaSriram - YA Fantasy

Leah Pierre's picks:

THE CATSITTER by B.Y. Jones - @qp_match - Adult Mystery/Thriller

NEVER TAKE US ALIVE by Karen Sapiro - @karenjs993 - YA Mystery/Thriller

Michelle Rascon's picks:

A DAWN CHORUS by Shana Gruskin Cooper - @Shana_Writes - Adult Book Club/Women's Fiction

FRIDAY AT THE HOUSE WITH THE HEDGES by Alexandra Spurlock - @alexandretti - Adult Mystery/Thriller

Megan Records's picks:

FINDING THE MUGWORT GIRLS by Ellie Jay Kim - @elliejaykimcozy - Adult Mystery

THE FANART OF FALLING IN LOVE by Katelyn Becker - @katelynbeckerwrites - Adult Romance

Caroline M. Tell's picks:

MISS FOY'S WICKED LIST by Jenna Bigelow - @jennabigelow_ - Adult Romance

MAY THE DUST LIE LIGHT by Tamara Timkovichi - @voicedimplosive - Adult Sci-Fi

Maria Tureaud's pick:

WHAT GROWS NEXT DOOR by Savannah Benton-Smith - @SavvyHyphenBS - Adult Horror

THE PATH OF THE MARKED WARRIOR by Jennifer Fayloga Santucci - @jennfsantucci - Young Adult Fantasy

The #RevPit Editors want to give a big round of applause to our 2023 First Readers for their time, hard work, and effort to assist with submissions. Our First Readers are an amazing and we appreciate all of their help:

Alex Gotay, Amanda Ciancarelli, Ann B. Laguerre, Anna Kopp, Aoife Doyle, Brianna Kienitz, Brooke Blair, CL Montblanc, Carey Blankenship-Kramer, Crystal Smalls-Wright, Dani Frank, Evalyn Broderick, Haley Hwang, H Blanchard, Jared Wynn, Jax McQueen, Jennifer Ruddock, K. J. Harrowick, Keely Parrack, Kristina Mahr, Laura M. Bell, Liv Macy, Loretta Chefchaouni, Madelyn Knecht, Rachel Berros, Rose Regeant, S.M. Roffey, Sarah Simon, Selma Soren, Thuy Nguyen

Pleas note: there have been a few name changes and some people have opted out.

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