RevPit Grand Prize

Entrants of our Annual Contest have the opportunity to win feedback and developmental edits on their full manuscript from one of our professional editors.

Our professional editors have donated generous amounts of time in order to help you get your manuscript as polished as possible. You win 8 weeks of our editors’ developmental editing expertise.

For the Annual Contest, we define a developmental edit as an editorial letter (or equivalent) and consultation (via whatever means of communication editor and author agree upon). The editor will also help the author prepare a query letter edit and first five pages for the winner showcase.

Any additional edits will be up to the author's and editor's discretion and follow a mutually agreed upon timeline.

Developmental editing includes (but is not limited to) story-arc, character development, structure, flow, and voice. Winners will also have access to discuss their manuscripts, ask questions about how to approach revisions, and receive advice from their editors. This type of editing can be worth upwards of a thousand dollars, and grand prize winners will receive it for free.

Should you win, the editor that picks you will help you with what your manuscript needs most. Every manuscript will have different needs to get it agent-ready by the showcase stage.

Runners-up Prizes

First Chapter Critique

Runners-up will receive a first chapter critique (up to 2500 words) of their submitted manuscript. A critique is an in-depth analysis that will help you refine your writing by discussing big-picture edits. The critiques will be provided by either Nicole Frail or Tiffany White!

Runners-up Prize Editors:

Nicole Frail, woman standing in front of a city skyline and river Nicole Frail: Nicole Frail fills the roles of senior editor (cooking/crafts/hobbies & children's books) at Skyhorse Publishing by day and freelance editor (adult and children's fiction) by night. In a past life, she developed educational content for packagers and publishing houses.

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Tiffany White, woman sitting on a patch of grass Tiffany White: Tiffany White is the editor behind Writers Untapped. She works on both fiction and nonfiction. As a former teacher, Tiffany approaches each edit with the mindset of an instructor, guiding clients so they learn from their mistakes and grow as writers.

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