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We have some exciting announcements for the 2022 #RevPit annual contest. One criticism we’ve received is that our 100-submission cap for editors creates an obstacle to submitting, and we hear you and acknowledge the 2021 #RevPit annual contest was particularly trying. The #RevPit board and editors want the contest to be as open and accessible as possible, and it’s been a challenge to balance that with our volunteer editors’ time and energy. So, we’re trying some new things for the 2022 #RevPit annual contest:

  1. We’re removing the submission cap.
  2. We’re expanding the submission window to three full days. We will still offer additional assistance as requested for accessibility.
  3. We’re expanding the number of editors entrants can select to three instead of two.

To facilitate these changes, we’re also instituting some alterations to how we receive and process submissions.

  1. We’re enlisting a group of First Readers to provide editors additional information to help them pick which story is best for them.
  2. To compensate First Readers for their time, our group of professional editors will offer multiple free online courses to better position our readers in the industry, so they might grow their own businesses and editorial savvy.
  3. We’re expanding the review window to four weeks instead of two so the First Readers can add a first-pages-only review to all submissions that editors may use to help sort their submission pile. Each editor will still have access to all submissions directed their way and can review all submissions but will not be required to.
  4. We’re not taking on new editors or mentees through our mentorship program with Tessera Editorial for the 2022 #RevPit annual contest so that we won’t overwhelm new editors with our growing pains as we launch this new process. However, we will be mentoring during our upcoming #10Queries mini-event this October.
  5. We are asking authors to send all the necessary materials (full manuscripts, synopses, and log lines) along with their initial submission to eliminate time lag from requesting additional materials.
  6. Since we won’t have “requests,” editors will not be in touch during the review period, but we will still have multiple #10Queries sessions for each editor so authors can see what the editors are reviewing in their submissions.
  7. All authors who submit will still be in the running until our winners are announced, and we will have a new calendar of events, starting with Meet with Editors and ending with the Showcase.

Stay tuned for information from the #RevPit board about the contest timing, our criteria for selecting First Readers, what aspects of the submissions they will be grading, and more.

Revise & Resub (#RevPit) is a Twitter writing community co-founded in 2017 by a group of editors. It supports authors by offering editing-focused chats and mini-events throughout the year as well as an annual contest wherein querying authors can win feedback and edits on their full manuscripts from professional editors, ensuring their works are polished and ready for agent inboxes.

The #RevPit 2022 Annual Contest Begins March 17th! See the Annual Contest page for more details. Visit our Mini-Events page for updates on chats, mini-contests, and more!

The #RevPit editors have created a Reedsy Learning course on practical tips for revising your novel. Learn more and sign up here.

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