It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the author-editor pair announcement!

Drum roll please…


BLOODFLOWER - K.J. Harrowick - @KJHarrowick

Adult Science Fantasy

Editor: Carly -Bornstein-Hayward @fromcarly

Ecologist Jàden wields starship fuel like magic, marking her as a dangerous weapon. When she wakes from 4000 years of hypersleep on a terraformed moon, she’s determined to find her reincarnated lover and escape to the stars.

THE SAVAGE WAY by Rebecca Wilcox - @Wilcox_RL

Adult Science Fiction

Editor: Elizabeth Buege @ekbuege

Ex-sniper Ryoko sees her asteroid-mining ship as the perfect place to raise her young daughter and their sentient AIs in peace. But when aliens kidnap her and her crew, imprisoning them in a deadly militia research lab, she'll have to pick up her rifle and face the trauma of her past if any of them are to have a future.

ANHINGA by Alex Gotay - @magellenkay

Adult Horror

Editor: Jeni Chappelle @jenichappelle

When murder upends Penny's life, she takes refuge with a pair of tragic cousins in the mysterious Gallagher House, where a lurking evil threatens to devour her. 1922 Crimson Peak X Carmilla.

CASCADIA by Avery Brown - @brn_avery7

Adult Dystopian/Thriller

Editor: Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus

When Keisha was offered a criminal rehab diversion program on a private island rather than an extended stay in prison, she knew there would be "strings" attached. But even she was surprised by the sadist predilections of Sesian, her program sponsor with more power than god. When an advocacy group contacts her for help, Keisha must choose between relative safety with a monster, or fighting against him for justice.

BURNING CAINE by Janet Oppedisano - @JanetOppedisano

Adult Romantic Suspense

Editor: Miranda Darrow @Miranda_Darrow

Claims adjuster investigating a fatal house fire hires a sexy Italian art conservator to authenticate the charred remains of a million-dollar painting. Or was it a forgery? Secrets, murder, and passions catch fire in this romantic suspense.

A YEAR WITH MR. BITTER GOURD by Sophia Zhang - @yuchiverse

YA Contemporary

Editor: Tiffany Grimes @theqtiffany

Growing up faithless and Asian American in the South is hard enough, but 17yo Melanie also has to deal with her parents' constant fighting. When a stranger's promise of escape spirals into abuse, Melanie must choose between saving her first love and saving herself.

VIOLET MOON by Kayla Maurais - @kayla_maurais

YA Sci-Fi

Editor: Natasha Hanova @NatashaHanova

Timber fails his Coming of Age ceremony and is sent back in time where another failure could mean the annihilation of a planet and his crew.

THE UNTITLED by L. Jo. King - @jokingwriter

YA Fantasy

Editor: Bethany Hensel @bethanyhensel13

Some destinies can't be denied. Others need rewritten entirely. This ain't your grandmother's damsel. asexuality + satire + island of misfit toys. Princess Bride if Buttercup saved the day.

HARDWIRED by Becca Taylor (RR Taylor) - @RRTwriting

Adult Romantic Suspense

Editor: Holly Ingraham @holly_ingraham

When P.I. Jake Hardington and Detective Larkin Hardroe are forced to work together, unwanted sparks between them risk Larkin’s job and possibly Jake’s life. Together they’ll have shoot and sneak their way through crime bosses, serial killers, dirty cops and the mob with the hope of finding some hard-won love, if they don’t shoot each other first.

CIRCUIT by Madelyn Knecht - @MadelynKnecht

YA Sci-Fi

Editor: Megan Manzano @Megan_Manzano

FMA x Crier's War: Conscripted into a war he never wanted to be a part of, Circuit is assigned to fix the volatile (and handsome?) bot, Asher. When he discovers he has powers that challenge the government, he must work with Asher to get revenge on his creators and to survive.

AN ARSONIST'S GUIDE TO HIGH SCHOOL by Mackenzie Reed - @mackenziemreed7

YA Thriller

Editor: Katie McCoach @katiemccoach

17-yr-old Izzy found her calling in the family business: professional arsonists. But when she burns down the home of her crush—and almost his mother along with it—she wonders who actually hired her for the job and if she was set up to commit murder.

PAPER GIRL by Laura Wareck - @LauraMWareck

YA Mystery

Editor: Kyra Nelson @kyramnelson

Aspiring reporter Leona's latest scoop gets personal when she receives a new lead on her father's murderer. Veronica Mars x Little White Lies

THE MANY GHOSTS OF MAGNI LAMONT by Maggie Derrek - @MaggieDerrick

YA Paranormal

Editor: Michelle Rascon @editorrascon

When teen witch Magni offers to help her crush figure out why she's being haunted, she uncovers a secret that's far worse than the relentless spirit stalking their every move.

SANA'S SUITORS by Noreen - @naziaso

Adult Women's Fiction

Editor: Megan Records @meganrecords

Tired of her family's matchmaking over chai and chats, Sana decides to follow her heart, only to have it lead her in two directions: a cute barista and a sexy coworker.

LOVING TROUBLE by Sarah Storin - @SarahStorin

Adult Contemporary Romance

Editor: Heidi Shoham @heidishoham

Morgan may no longer be the trouble-making teen she used to be, but when she returns home to Montana, she finds herself in trouble with the sheriff--her very grown-up teen crush, whose family and hers are entwined by tragedy and small-town secrets.

UNLOCK THE NIGHT by Sasa Hawk - @SasaHawk

YA Fantasy

Editor: Maria Tureaud @Maria_Tureaud

Siphoning magic from her half-dead father, Elia does what she must to keep the family store open. Until a customer asks the impossible--craft a magical door to end a war. Simple, except that door opens to a forbidden world...where Elia is wanted for genocide.

EVERNIGHT by Jessica Grossman - @jessica_13212

YA Fantasy

Editor: Hannah VanVels @hannahvanvels

A fae prince devises a sadistic contest: 13 enter the palace on the solstice, and the one who brings the hearts of the other 12 contenders “wins” the prize as his consort. Raegan risks death to twist the rules, as who could expect a fae to lie?


Carly Bornstein-Hayward's pick

THEIR KEEPERS by Tara Rajan - @naintararajan

YA Fantasy

Elizabeth Buege's pick:


Adult Fantasy

Jeni Chappelle's pick:

DURGA by Geetha Krishnan - @ormakal

Adult Fantasy

Tera Cuskaden's pick:

CINDERS OF YESTERDAY by Jen Karner - @Articulatedream

Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Miranda Darrow's pick:

GIVEN BEAUTY FOR ASHES by Toyin Adekola - @ToyinAdekola1

Adult Women's Fiction

Tiffany Grimes's pick:

CUTE MUTANTS by SJ Whitby - @sjwhitbywrites

YA Fantasy

Natasha Hanova's pick:

HAVE WE MET by Camille Baker - @camilliemill

Adult Contemporary Romance

Bethany Hensel's pick:

HEY, BLACK GIRL by Nicole Knight-Justice - @nknightjustice

Adult Literary

Holly Ingraham's pick:

GOING CUCKOO, GROWING RICH by Anu Roy - @anu_roy

Adult Women's Fiction

Megan Manzano's pick:

HOLLOW HILL by Brandon Reed - @Brandon_ReedS

YA Speculative

Katie McCoach's pick:

THE COWARD'S DAUGHTER by R.E. Singer - @RSingerWriting

YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Kyra Nelson's pick:

THE JOURNEY WE SHARE by Suneil Kamath - @SuneilKamath

YA Contemporary

Michelle Rascon's pick:

MIDNIGHT OFFERINGS by Rachel Hailey - @Rachel_Hailey

Adult Urban Fantasy

Megan Records's pick:

STORMSONG by Ariana Celeste - @ariana__celeste

Adult Fantasy

Heidi Shoham's pick:

A HEARTBEAT AWAY FROM YOU by Ann M. Miller - @annmillerauthor

YA Contemporary Romance

Maria Tureaud's pick:

ETCHED IN GLASS by Miki Hua - @mikihuawrites

YA Fantasy

Hannah VanVels's pick:

WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF? by Tommy Delk - @tommywrites

YA Thriller

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