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KATIE McCOACH is a developmental editor and book coach. She’s been helping authors grow their best stories since 2012. Many of her authors have gone on to land literary agents and publishing deals, and several have won awards.

She teaches online and in-person workshops, is a founding editor of Revise & Resub (#RevPit), and judges multiple writing contests. She also runs an online Facebook writing community where she provides weekly live streams on writing/editing topics.

She over-cuddles her allergy-inducing cats, is obsessed with almost every show on The CW, and is just coming out of maternity leave after bringing the sweetest boy into the world. Oh, and with a coffee shop on every corner in Los Angeles, you’ll never find Katie without caffeine.

Pronouns: She/Her


RevPit is where I find the stories of my dreams to work on. In the past, I’ve selected YA contemporaries, thrillers, romances, and adult women’s fiction. This year I’m looking for the story I didn’t know I was looking for. That should be super easy for you, right? :P

I am looking for stories for the YA, NA, or adult audiences. I don’t need there to be romance, however a little love in the subplot gets my head turning. Maybe a love-story that unfolds atypically, or a love-triangle with a twist, or a female-centric sex-positive plot.

I’d love to see women’s fiction, contemporary, romance, suspense, and thrillers in my submissions. Fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal are not on my radar this year.

I want a story that’s grounded with characters who represent real, beautiful, complex people. I want a plot that deeply impacts the characters’ arcs and I want to see things reach a true breaking point before there is redemption/hope/resolution at the end. Basically? Shake me up, rattle me.

ALWAYS open to #ownvoices, diverse characters (including but not limited to LGBTQA+, BIPOC), disabled characters, and/or characters coping with trauma and/or mental illness. Also, I’m a new mom, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself leaning toward characters who are parents/parental figures/want to be parents, etc.

I’m interested in these genres:

  • Contemporary
  • Women’s fiction
  • Romance
  • Suspense
  • Thriller


  • Middle grade or younger
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Horror
  • Historical
  • Religious/Inspirational
  • Nonfiction
  • Anything over 120k words

How can a manuscript’s first five pages make you sit up and take notice?

When I reach the cut off of the first five pages and wish there was more. It’s not only about a hook for me, but being invested in the character—do I care if they reach their goal?

If I don’t know the character’s goal, if I don’t have a hint of why they care about their goal, and if it seems like nothing is at stake for them, then I’ll be moving on. Don’t let me move on!

Also, I’m all about vibe/tone. If you can introduce the tone of the book in the first few pages, and heck, give me goosebumps because it’s captured so well (“Essence,” she whisper-sings), then I’ll be invested.

What can writers expect from working with you during #RevPit, including communication?

You can expect to work with an editor who is passionate about taking you and your story through the growth process to bring your vision to fruition. I’m going to put you to work. I’m going to make you dig deep. It’s not going to be easy, but I will do everything I can to make sure you have all the tools and encouragement you need in order to do the hard work.

Once it’s announced we are working together, I’d like to have a phone or Zoom call. To be honest, I’ll likely want to have quite a few phone/Zoom calls throughout the process. We’ll chat about the book, your goals, your struggles, and what you can expect in working together. I am your person. I am committed to your book (and your career as a writer). You will not be alone in this process; I’m all in on you.

Also, I hope you like exclamation points! I will use them in every email.

What do you expect from writers during the #RevPit revision process, including communication?

Clear communication, respect, and open-dialogue about ideas, struggles, confusion, and excitement. We are both going to put in a lot of time and effort into this manuscript, and I don’t take it lightly. I hope you won’t either. I will work with your vision and help you take it there, but I do not expect you to agree with every suggestion I make. I do expect that we can have discussions about suggestions or questions, and work together to do what the story is requiring of you.

What hobbies do you have outside of writing and editing?

I love to listen to podcasts and audio-books (okay, okay, I mostly watch TV) while I color, cross-stitch, or complete 1,000-piece puzzles on my iPad (my cats would destroy the real thing). Although now I’m getting comfortable taking at least three days to finish one episode of The Bachelor because my newborn wants l o v e.

What was your favorite show to binge watch in the last year?

I think I ended up binging seasons 1-5 of The Vampire Diaries TWICE last year. I binge the first few seasons of TVD probably once a year. You’d think I’d get tired of it, but I don’t??? :P

However, my latest binge (during maternity leave) has been Criminal Minds.

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