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KATIE McCOACH is a developmental editor and book coach based in Los Angeles. She’s been helping authors grow their best stories since 2012. Many of her authors have gone on to land literary agents and publishing deals, and several have won awards. Her editing specialties are memoir, sci-fi/fantasy, suspense/thriller, contemporary, and romance for YA and adult audiences.

She is a founding editor of Revise & Resub (RevPit), a contest for emerging writers. She’s been a featured judge in writing contests, teaches virtually and in-person at conferences and writing organizations such as CRW, LIRW, ORIWA, Emerald Coast Writers, and more.

Listen to the Writing with Coach McCoach podcast and visit her Facebook group under the same name.

Katie is a first-time mother who drinks too much coffee, over-cuddles her allergy-inducing cats, and watches The Vampire Diaries (and its spin-off series) on repeat.

Pronouns: She/Her

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