By Revise & Resub

Join RevPit Editor Cassandra on Twitter on Tuesday September 12th at 6pm for a #RevPit Setting Workshop!

She will be talking about ways to bring your setting to life, specifically, using all five of the senses to really give them some spark without going all purple.

Here's how things will work:

Editor Cassandra will send out a few tweets at 6pm announcing the game and the rules and some tips on setting the scene using all five senses.

We will be playing a game, ala $100k Pyramid. Editor Cassandra will do a few rounds herself to get the flow going.

If you want to do a round, DM her at @OnlyCassandra (If you're not following her on Twitter already, please do so she can DM you!) and she will pick a few to do a round or two. That person will publicly post using the #RevPit hashtag and try to describe something using as many of the five senses as they can but without saying what it is they're describing. Could be a place, a thing, a feeling, who knows!

Everyone else will try to guess what that item is.

Then everyone can have a few minutes to give other ideas on how to describe that particular thing if you think you've got a good one!

Good luck!

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