One of the things we editors love so much about the #RevPit event is that it provides so many opportunities for authors to learn new techniques, get advice from professionals, and have greater insight into what hooks a reader.

In honor of our annual RevPit contest, we’ve decided to host a bonus #10Queries event for a select few writers. This event will take place this October (2017).

Are you readying your manuscript to query agents? What better way to know if your query and first 5 pages have what it takes to stand out in the slush pile than to get an editor’s eye on it? As editors, we offer a professional perspective with detailed insight into ways to improve your work. Wouldn’t you love to get feedback on your query that extends beyond, “It’s just not for me?”

Not familiar with #10Queries? Learn more here: How an Editor Sees It (#10queries)

In order to be one of the lucky few who will have your query and 5 pages used for feedback in #10Queries, get your work ready to enter in our drawing on Saturday, October 7th. We will pick 10 winners per editor.


Saturday, October 7th: Contest drawing opens for writers. Writers will enter through Rafflecopter (access at the bottom of the page. It will not be active until October 7th). Writers must have a complete query letter and first 5 pages of manuscript in order to enter.

Wednesday, October 11th: Drawing closes, and winners are notified to send their query/five pages to the RevPit email account.

Thursday, October 12th – Friday, October 13th: Editors will review the submissions packages.

Saturday, October 14th: The editors will share their #10queries throughout the day! Participation from all contestants is encouraged.

Winners will not be named in the tweets. Editors will email writers separately to notify which #10Queries tweet was theirs.

We will use Rafflecopter to randomly select winners.

Editors participating in this event (this will be updated up until the event date):
  • Cassandra Brown
  • Elizabeth Buege
  • Jeni Chappelle
  • Katie McCoach
  • Kyra Nelson
  • Sione Aeschliman
  • Stephanie Eding

This is a learning opportunity for any writer. We hope to see you participate! And remember that every writer can benefit from following the #10Queries thread on October 14th.

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