What’s Next for Your Manuscript?

The Revise & Resub editors strive to foster a community centered on helping authors get their manuscripts ready for agent inboxes. With the Annual Contest in full swing, we’ve curated a list of options to help with your next steps on the path to publication.

Critique Partners (CPs)

Our best advice to help see your writing more analytically is to read and critique other authors’ writing as much as you can.

Some tips for getting started giving and receiving critiques: www.standoutbooks.com

There’s a Facebook group that was started by RevPit authors in 2018 and continues to thrive. It’s a great place to connect with others in the RevPit community and also find critique partners. Check it out here

The Rewrite It Club is an online community that helps encourage writers as they dive into deep and thorough revisions for their stories. They also run a group for authors where you can meet potential CPs. Check it out here

CP Match occasionally runs events on Twitter with the intent of helping authors find new critique partners. Their next event is April 27, 2019. Details here


The Revise & Resub editors created a Reedsy Learning course on practical tips for revising your novel. Learn more and sign up here

Get started with this self-editing checklist.

One Stop for Writers has an amazing assortment of tools for every step of the writing process. There’s a $9 monthly fee to access everything, but you can access a lot for free. Check it out here

Tighten up your narrative with this extensive list of filter words

Learn about standard formatting for publishing here

Learn about word count guidelines here


Author Jami Gold has created worksheets to help writers with structure (and also writing craft and critiquing). Check them out here

This article has a great breakdown of common approaches to novel structures. These are often used in the planning phase but can be just as helpful after the first (or second or third) draft.

Check out this video from Angelella Editorial where they discuss outlining your novel


Fantastic overview of voice—what it is and what makes it unique. Check it out here

Exercises for defining your voice by best-selling author Jeff Goins

Query Letters

Janet Reid takes apart over 300 query letters to show you how to revise your query so it works. Learn more here

More than 60 examples of successful query letters that worked with notes by the literary agents on what makes them work. See them here


We keep seeing this post pop up all over the #RevPit community as most helpful in writing a synopsis. It provides a fill-in-the-blanks format to guide you in creating a synopsis for your story.

Editing services

And since many have asked, yes, the Revise & Resub editors are all freelancers who are available for hire. You can find all their websites and current specials here

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