NaNoWriMo is upon us! Not sure what it is? It’s one month where writers all over the world set a goal to write a 50,000-word novel in the month of November. To learn more, visit:

The RevPit editors have decided to team up with NaNoWriMo participants like you! We are hosting a friendly contest to get you motivated to get that first draft out and on the page. PLUS, the winning team will win TWO awesome prizes at the end of the month.

Throughout the entire month of November, each RevPit editor will be a team leader of 5-20 writers. Each team will be genre-based, i.e. a romance team, a sci-fi team, etc. Of course, certain genres are popular, so, for example, there may be more than one romance team! We will match writers to the editor who is leading their genre.

This event is a great way to stay committed to your NaNoWriMo project throughout the month.

Each week, every team member is required to submit their NaNoWriMo word count to the team leader by Sundays at midnight. On Monday, team averages will be tweeted out through the ReviseResub twitter account and on the #RevPit hashtag.

Not only does this event help motivate you to get in those words, it’s also a great chance to meet other writers (especially in your genre…can you say CP, anyone?) and gain and provide support for other writers. Suddenly, writing those thousands of words each day won’t feel quite so lonely! You are all in this together!

And if you follow the #RevPit hashtag throughout the month, you’ll get to participate in GIF games, share lines from your work, dive into writing sprints, and more.

What does the winning team get?

At the end of the month, we tally up the total word count averages for all the teams, and the team with the highest word count average will win TWO awesome prizes.

  • The first is an EARLY ACCESS PASS to enter RevPit. The winning team will be allowed to submit their manuscript a day early, guaranteeing they’ll get to submit to the editors they want and not have to worry about an editor capping on entries.
  • The second prize is that each winner will have an exclusive opportunity to ask the RevPit editors a question of their choice, which they will answer in a live-stream Q & A in the new year. Although everyone will benefit from watching the webinar, the winners are the only ones who get to have their specific questions answered.
How to Participate:

This contest is for writers whose goal is the NaNoWriMo standard of writing at least 50,000 new words in the month of November. If your goal for NaNoWriMo is less than 50k, it's best to sit this one out, but there will be ways for you to join in the fun too. Watch the #RevPit feed for more information and maybe some games!

Teams are now closed. Feel free to join in the fun with us on Twitter!

Dates to remember:
  • October 28th – Deadline to fill out participation form
  • October 30th – Teams are announced!
  • November 1st – NaNoWriMo begins!
  • November 4th – Week One word counts due
  • November 11th – Week Two word counts due
  • November 18th – Week Three word counts due
  • November 25th – Week Four word counts due
  • November 30th – FINAL word counts due
  • Dec. 1st – Winning team announced!


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Don’t forget to use the #RevPit and #NaNoWriMo hashtag to join in the fun!

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