Tune in at 12PM EST for a webinar with a few of your favorite RevPit editors!!

In this webinar, we will have a panel with some of the RevPit editors. These questions come direct from authors who “won” our NaNoWriMo event last November.

The editors will answer questions such as...
  • How to tackle revisions of the first draft when it feels like your about to climb Mount Everest
  • How to structure a query letter, especially when you have multiple POVs in your story
  • Tips for fantasy authors on world building and magic systems
  • And what the editors wish authors would ask themselves when they are revising a manuscript
Who will you hear from?

Watch here:

Feel free to ask follow up questions via Twitter. We’ll be around to to chat. Just tag @ReviseResub and/or use the #RevPit hashtag.

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