Are you readying your manuscript to query agents? Are you preparing for this year’s RevPit event? What better way to know if your query and first 5 pages have what it takes to stand out in the slush pile than to get an editor’s eye on it? As editors, we offer a professional perspective with insight into ways to improve your work.

We are hosting a #10Queries event, October 15th - October 29th.

Find out if your query and first 5 pages have what it takes to stand out and hook an editor’s/agent’s/reader’s attention!

In this event, writers will enter their names in a random drawing via Rafflecopter. If they are selected, their query and first five pages will be randomly assigned to an editor who will then tweet about the submission using #10Queries. Winners will not know which editor received their submissions until after the #10Queries tweets have been posted.

Tweets will consist of brief feedback based on the editors' first impressions of the winners' queries and first five pages. Not familiar with #10Queries? Learn more here: How an Editor Sees It (#10queries)

Writers must have a complete query letter and first 5 pages of manuscript in order to enter but will not submit these materials unless their name is drawn.

Writers may enter the drawing Friday, October 15th until 11:59 PM EST. They may enter their names multiple times via Rafflecopter, but their name can only be drawn once.

This event is separate from the main #RevPit contest in the spring. For this #10queries event, winners will not receive a full edit.


  • Friday, October 15th: Contest drawing opens for writers. Writers will enter through Rafflecopter (access at the bottom of the page. It will not be active until Oct 15th).
    • The drawing will close at 11:59pm, Eastern time on Friday.
    • To be eligible to win, writers can only enter through Rafflecopter.
  • Saturday, October 16th: Winners will be notified via email. They will then be asked to send their query/five pages to the RevPit email account.
  • Winners must email their materials to the Revise & Resub email address no later than 11:00AM EST on Wednesday the 20th. In order to provide enough time for editors to read all materials, no late submissions will be accepted.
  • Wednesday, October 20th - Friday, October 29th: Editors will review the submission packages.
  • Friday, October 29th: Editors will share their #10queries throughout the day! They will tweet from 9am EST - 9pm EST. Winners will not be named in the tweets. Editors will email writers separately to notify which #10Queries tweet was theirs.

Participation from all contestants is encouraged. Even if your name isn’t drawn in the raffle, you can learn so much from the #10queries tweets.

Editors participating in this event:

Bethany Hensel - @bethanyhensel13

Bethany Hensel has been a freelance editor for over ten years and specializes in YA and Romance. She has worked with bestselling authors, indie darling and first-time writers. She’s also a college-level creative writing teacher. She loves working with authors and brings to every editing project tremendous joy, enthusiasm and experience.

Carly Hayward - @fromcarly

CARLY HAYWARD is a developmental editor who will help you bring your book to light. With 10+ years in publishing, she’s worked all over the industry and is one half of Story Chat Radio. Editing combines her love of reading, giving advice, and logic puzzles.

Elizabeth Buege - @ekbuege

Elizabeth Buege is a freelance book editor from Minnesota. She’s a founding editor for Revise and Resub (#RevPit) and provides manuscript critiques and editing services for both querying and indie authors. When she’s not working, you’ll find her learning languages, gaming with friends, drinking tea, and cooking up tasty messes.

Felice Laverne - @bookgurufelice

Felice is a book editor, ghostwriter, author coach, sensitivity reader, repped author and co-founder of ArtHouse Literary Agency. As a book editor, she's worked with equal part fiction and nonfiction authors across the gamut of genres. She loves diving in and getting her hands dirty with a manuscript, and she's known for being deeply involved in helping her authors reach their highest potential by offering "mini MFA programs" through her author coaching.

Heidi Shoham - @heidishoham

Heidi is a freelance editor with nearly two decades of experience. She has a BA in English language and literature and edits for indie authors and Harlequin/HarperCollins. When not editing, Heidi spends her time writing her own stories and wrangling her three wildling kids and a menagerie of rescues.

Holly Ingraham - @holly_ingraham

Holly Ingraham is an award-winning developmental editor with over thirteen years' worth of industry experience. After working at BookEnds Literary and spending 10 years as an acquisitions editor for St. Martin’s Press, she founded Holly Ingraham Editorial in 2018. She is a RevPit Board member and lives just outside NYC with her husband, twin daughters and two furbabies.

Jeni Chappelle - @jenichappelle

Jeni Chappelle is a freelance novel editor and a cofounding editor for Revise & Resub (#RevPit). She considers herself a hobbit (minus the big, hairy feet) and lives near Charlotte, NC with her family and way too many pets.

Kyra Nelson - @kyramnelson

Kyra is a writer, editor, and recovering academic. She is the host of #MockPit and a regular guest on the WordNerds vlog.

Maria Tureaud - @Maria_Tureaud

Maria hails from the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast of Ireland. A Developmental Editor of fourteen years, she’s also represented by Amy Giuffrida of the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. You can find her drinking tea in New Jersey, dreaming of moving home to her beloved County Clare.

Megan Records - @meganrecords

Megan’s resume says she has a M.S. in Publishing and worked at Kensington Publishing. What she actually has is imposter syndrome and em dash addiction. She’s a Midwest transplant living near Philadelphia. Wherever she is, tea, music, books, and lip balm aren’t far away.

Michelle Rascon - @editorrascon

Michelle Rascon is a freelance fiction editor with over six years of experience working with successful self-publishing and querying authors. Her goal is to strengthen your writing while respecting your unique voice. An introvert at heart, Michelle enjoys naps, reading, gaming, listening to music, and cuddling with her cat.

Miranda Darrow - @Miranda_Darrow

Miranda Darrow’s a freelance editor, #RevPit board member, and story sleuth who digs deep into your manuscript to uncover the best version of your story. She’s a writer and voracious reader who has turned her passion for books into a career helping authors develop the intricate facets of their stories.

Natasha Hanova - @NatashaHanova

Natasha Hanova is a thorough and understanding freelance content editor. She’s represented by Veronica Park of Fuse Literary. Natasha believes it’s important for writers to come through the editing process with accomplishable goals. Her experiences as a biracial Black woman fuel her storytelling and her endeavors to lift and support other marginalized writers.

Tyler Zeoli - @TylerZeoli

Tyler Zeoli (they/them) is so excited to be doing #10Queries again! Tyler is a Developmental Editor, Ghostwriter, Book Coach, Activist, and co-founder of WriteHive – a free, virtual writing community dedicated to providing free resources for writers of all backgrounds. They specialize in SFF, horror, literary fiction, and memoir.

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We hope to see you participate! And remember that every writer can benefit from following the #10Queries thread.

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