Conference season is in full swing! Prep your trip with the RevPit editors during our Twitter chat.

Is it going to be your first time attending a writing conference this year? Have you been thinking about one but haven’t taken the plunge yet? Or, are you going to a local writing event or workshop?

Many of our RevPit editors have experience attending conferences and events with their different hats in place. As a writer, editor, speaker, and for some—even as an agent. Attending a conference can be overwhelming, and we want to answer your burning questions and give advice to help you have the best conference experience possible.

We’ll answer your burning questions, including things like:

  • Setting goals for attending a conference and picking the right one for you
  • Fostering an in-person community
  • How to afford going to a conference
  • Tips for going in prepared
  • What to do once the conference ends

Event Details

What: An informal discussion about writers’ conferences

When: Friday, July 13th at 3PM EST

Where: On Twitter, using the #RevPit hashtag

Who: The editors of #RevPit and YOU

Why: We want you to feel prepared (& excited!) for your next conference/writing event

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