First of all, HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that submitted. It was impossible to narrow down because there is so much talent in this community!

But now, it's time to announce our art contest finalists!

Keep in mind:
  • We took any artwork that was bookish/writing/RevPit related.
  • The editors have narrowed down the submissions to our top 9 (it was impossible, so excuse the odd number).
  • Once a winner has been chosen their design will be available in the #RevPit store! So vote for what you want to see on our RevPit merchandise.

All proceeds from items sold in our store will go directly to We Need Diverse Books, a non-profit organization that advocates essential changes in the publishing industry. Visit our store here.

The winner is eligible for a query critique for themselves or for another writer of their choice

  • October 17th - 29th: Community Voting
  • October 30th: Winner Announced

Finalists (Click to enlarge):

Vote Here:

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