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Tiffany Grimes is a developmental editor and writing coach who specializes in passion-driven editing. Her focus is not only on making a book the best it can be, but on helping her authors grow and learn with each revision. She’s a more hands on editor, focusing on a unique hybrid of editing and coaching. Her authors have gone on to self-publish and receive rep from literary agents. She loves editing contemporary, science-fiction and fantasy, dystopian, romance, historical, literary fiction, and speculative fiction.

She has an MFA from Hamline University in writing for children and young adults. Her writing has been published in Feels Blind Literary, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Microfiction Monday Magazine, The Fiction Pool, Ruminate Magazine, Sad Girls Club, and HerStry.

When she’s not editing or designing websites, she loves writing, hiking, backpacking, sipping tea, snuggling with her cats, reading tarot cards, writing letters, and watching super great/terrible CW shows.

Pronouns: She/They

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