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2021 Annual Contest Editor ✓
Mini-Event Editor ✓

Adah Beatrice is a professional freelance editor, team member at Tessera Editorial, agent assistant at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and 100% INFJ. She likes to compare her editorial style to a chainsaw… But that’s really a humorous attempt at explaining how decisive her edits tend to be—honing in on all those details of character and plot, uncovering stones unturned and paths not yet taken, and painstakingly polishing every story to be the very best. ("Like no one ever was..." If you get that reference, you're awesome.)

With years of experience across the whole book industry—trade publishing, book retail, freelance, and the wonderful world of literary agents—she has a wealth of knowledge to share and an eagerness to bring new stories and voices to light.

Pronouns: She/Her

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